Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, Day 5: Multi-Troop Transport (MTT)

The Multi-Troop Transport is the vehicle that deploys the battle droids in Episode I. Why anyone would want a microbuild of this none-too-lovely vehicle is beyond me, but whatever. :o)

This is the direction the ship is facing in the advent calendar picture:

But I'm pretty sure the calendar has it backwards, because this is what it actually looks like:

The taller part (with the circular hatch door) is in the front:

Here's a scan from my fantastic book, Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections:

Interesting new fact from the scan: "...the MTT's face is designed to ram through walls so that troops may be deployed directly into enemy buildings..." However, MTTs have a maximum ground speed of 22 mph, so I wonder how forceful such a building impact can be.

More information about the MTT may be found on Wookieepedia.
Lego parts information for today's build may be found at Bricklink.


Ottawa@Home.Dad said...

So you are really serious about your Star Wars.

That cross-section book is great.

Kyle Macleod said...

I think I will have to buy this book you speak of :).... tho I really should wait till after Christmas, stupid boyfriend banning me from buying think this month lol