Sunday, September 29, 2013


Ah, Target. What would I do without this store? Back in August, I was wandering the toy section when I came across this display:

This answered the question I'd had a few months previously. When the Series 10 minifigs came out in May, I'd checked in at my Target a couple times a week (I'd purchased series 5-9 there), but they didn't ever seem to have the minifigs. Turns out that was because they were merchandised in a new location a few aisles from the Lego sets, and I didn't see it. Alas.

This packaging made me roll my eyes:

Of course the shield really flies--it's a frisbee with handles on the back.

There are 2 interesting things about the toys in this next picture:

1. This picture was taken mid-August, and the 2013 holiday Barbie was already on the shelf. UGH.

2. I'm all for mixing boys' and girls' toys, but they must be mixed completely, not selectively: what boy is ever going to find this Batman doll while it's stuck here in a Barbie-filled, shockingly-pink aisle?

And, speaking of pink:

Earplugs. This packaging made me laugh because, logically speaking, it implies that a woman who does not use pink earplugs is not pretty. I contemplated this for a moment, and the scene played out in my mind:

Charles approached the bed, where his beloved was reposed in a graceful slumber. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the cheek, his fingers caressing her neck with a gentle touch. He moved to brush a lock of hair from her face, but as his hand neared her ear, he recoiled in horror:

There, in her ear cavity, was a beige-colored earplug.

"How hideous!" thought Charles.

He was glad she was asleep so she couldn't see his reaction. He was also glad he now knew what kind of a woman she truly was. He stood frozen, unsure what to do. He supposed beige earplugs weren't as bad as, say, if he'd found her in--gasp!--blue earplugs, but still...

The next morning when Elizabeth awoke, it was to an empty closet and a note:

My Dearest Elizabeth,

I never knew you wore beige earplugs. I just don't find them pretty. In fact, I think they're pretty repulsive. Call me when you switch to pink.

Yours everlastingly (as long as you're sleeping pretty in pink earplugs),