Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So There, Peppy Boy!

First of all, in case you hadn't figured it out yet, I am the type of woman who likes to do things myself if at all possible, especially in situations where a stereotypical woman would just give up and say, "I need a man." That's when I like to do it on my own (was it the four older brothers?...).

Recently, my car failed the safety inspection. But it was no problem, I only had two little lights out, and I could fix that myself. The man told me it was the front marker light and the front corner light. The lady suggested Pep Boys as a nice place to buy the parts and have them service my car. I'd never been to Pep Boys before, so I figured I'd try it out.

I entered the store and made my way to the bulb aisle. I was flipping through the catalogue to figure out what model bulbs I needed when I heard a man's voice say, "What kind of bulb you looking for?"

Now, I didn't want a salesperson's help, male or female, but he asked me a direct question rather than a yes or no question (which was a very good sales technique, I must admit), so I answered it. Maybe I shouldn't have. Oh, well. Anyway, I was annoyed he assumed I wanted help. I didn't.

"So you want the corner and turn signal," he said. No, I was pretty sure if the turn signal had been the problem the inspector would have just said "turn signal". But I didn't say anything.

"You'll find it faster here," the man said, indicating the electronic light bulb looker-upper he was using. "What year is your car?"

"I don't know," I said. And I didn't. It's not my car. I'm just borrowing it for a few months. I looked at the screen. It had only two options: before 1999, or after 2000.

"It's before 2000, for sure," I said.

"What year?" he asked again.

I decided to take a stab at it, and said, "Hmm. I would guess probably... '92?"

He said I had to know the exact year or I'd end up buying the wrong thing (of course he didn't offer to go look at my car and help me figure it out...). He asked for the make and model, and I told him. He plucked two packages from the pegs and handed them to me.

"If that's the right information," he said, "these'll be the ones you need." And he turned and walked away. God's gift to female auto-parts shoppers, I'm sure.

I walked to the checkout counter, bulbs in hand. The turn signal bulbs alone were $12. But I hadn't really enjoyed my visit to Pep Boys, and didn't really feel like giving them my business. I set both packages on the counter and left.

I drove to Checker Auto Parts. The guy asked me if I needed help. I said not yet. He said he'd be over here if I needed him. I looked in the catalogue. I had a question. I said okay now I need you. He helped me and didn't make me feel stupid. Neither of us could figure out the second bulb I needed so we went with the turn signal bulbs anyway (which were $4). I went home and replaced the bulbs myself.

Turns out I didn't need the turn signal bulbs, after all. Both dead bulbs were the same little kind.

Oh, and guess what? I looked at the owner's manual in the glove compartment. My car is a '92.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mopping the Ceiling

If you are bored, you may want to consider mopping the ceiling*. It's a great workout for your arms, requires some creative planning, and makes the house cleaner.

*Not recommended for "cottage cheese" ceilings.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Public Transportation

It takes me one hour to drive from my house to BYU. This doesn't really matter, since I don't go there all that often, but sometimes I do.

If I were to use public transportation to get to BYU, it would take me two hours. But I'd be saving gas, and I could allegedly accomplish some work on the train and bus (I say allegedly because I more often end up staring out the window at the mountains and clouds instead).

So which, then, is more cost effective (environmental issues aside)?

Assume the price of gas is $3.75.

Assume my car gets 30 mpg.

Assume I live 45 miles from BYU.

A drive to BYU would cost me $5.625.

I have no idea how to figure out what a ride to BYU costs me, besides one hour (I have a bus pass).

Which would I rather have: $5.625 or one hour?

Friday, September 19, 2008


I finally changed my license. In case you've forgotten which state I now live in, here is a picture to help you figure it out. I took this picture back in August. Only in this state could you find such a sign:

Actually, maybe you could find a sign like that in Idaho too. :o)

More on the wonderful story of my UT driver's license to follow.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cookies AND Milk

While watching a movie with my aunts and parents (who came up for the weekend), Aunt J. left to bring down some snickerdoodles. I was glad she was getting the cookies, since they sounded really good at the time, and I was thinking that I should go upstairs and help her so we'd have milk too. But of course I was lazy and decided that I could eat a cookie without milk and still enjoy it, so I stayed put.

Aunt J. came down the stairs a minute later, and I wished I'd had a camera: in one hand was a big plate of cookies and a bunch of smaller plates for each of us, in her other hand was the milk and a glass, and in her pockets--two on her sweater and two on her pants--were four more cups.

In case I've never mentioned it, I have Superaunts. They're like regular aunts, except with super powers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Astronaut In My Shoe

One day my nephew A. was playing with stickers. He gave me a rocket ship sticker, which I put on my shirt, and then he went away and did whatever little kids do with a sheet of stickers.

Later, when I was putting on my right shoe, I noticed one of the stickers--an astronaut--stuck inside. I can't remember if he gave it to me and it must have fallen off of my hand or shirt, or if it was just there, but all the same, I decided to leave it.

Now, every time I put on my light brown shoes I look inside and see a shiny astronaut. Aren't nephews great?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day Poll Results

The polls are closed, and here are the results:

5 people said they had wished someone a Happy Labor Day within the past week.

4 people said they had wished someone a Happy Labor Day in previous years.

3 people said they had never wished anyone a Happy Labor Day, but planned on doing so in the future.

7 people said they had never wished anyone a Happy Labor Day.

Which means 12 people total have wished or will wish someone a Happy Labor Day, whereas only 7 have not.

Very interesting indeed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sliced Layers

Here it is.

(See Oriana's blog if you have no idea why I am doing this.)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

I would like to invite you all to participate in my little poll to the right.

A friend pointed out today that Labor Day is not commonly a holiday on which one offers a salutation consisting of "happy" and the name of the holiday. I respectfully disagreed, but now I'm curious, because she may be right. Or she may not.

What do you think?