Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

I would like to invite you all to participate in my little poll to the right.

A friend pointed out today that Labor Day is not commonly a holiday on which one offers a salutation consisting of "happy" and the name of the holiday. I respectfully disagreed, but now I'm curious, because she may be right. Or she may not.

What do you think?


Olive Kite said...

Just so you know, you've prejudiced your poll respondents by telling them your opinion: you think we should say, "Happy Labor Day!" And of course, we all naturally want to agree with Betty.

ol' Bob said...

It is unfortunate that "I don't remember" does not appear on the list of choices. It would have been my choice.

It's also interesting that one has the opportunity to change one's vote after seeing the results so far. That's almost as good as editing the Congressional Record.

Betty Edit said...

I know of one person who doesn't want to agree with Betty. :o) Looks like she didn't, either. But, you know, the answers are kind of stacked in my favor (but it's not a competition or argument or anything anyway, it's just curiosity). Only one of the four would be a non-happy-labor-day answer. Is that cheating?

Sail said...

I went shopping yesterday and NOT one sales clerk said, "Have a happy labor day!" Not one.

I think those who usually wish one a happy labor day (in print and on TV or on the radio or in person) are usually associated with the retail industry.

But as far as friends and family and neighbors and coworkers go, happy labor day doesn't really exist (at least in my realm).

Oriana said...

A cute little neighbor boy brought me cookies and wished me a Happy Family Home Evening yesterday, but not Happy Labor Day. :-)

Betty Edit said...

Sail: Except that someone DID wish you a happy labor day.