Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cookies AND Milk

While watching a movie with my aunts and parents (who came up for the weekend), Aunt J. left to bring down some snickerdoodles. I was glad she was getting the cookies, since they sounded really good at the time, and I was thinking that I should go upstairs and help her so we'd have milk too. But of course I was lazy and decided that I could eat a cookie without milk and still enjoy it, so I stayed put.

Aunt J. came down the stairs a minute later, and I wished I'd had a camera: in one hand was a big plate of cookies and a bunch of smaller plates for each of us, in her other hand was the milk and a glass, and in her pockets--two on her sweater and two on her pants--were four more cups.

In case I've never mentioned it, I have Superaunts. They're like regular aunts, except with super powers.


elegyrl said...

I think you are a super aunt!! With super powers! And a super chick! And a super friend.... you are just SUPER all over! Miss you lots! Oh and incase you were wondering... I prefer my cookies without the milk....

Olive Kite said...

Cookies are one of the few times that I really enjoy milk.

I could use a really large oatmeal raisin cookie or a Texas chocolate chip cookie right now.

You do have super Aunts, which isn't all that surprising considering they're apart of your family. All of your family seems pretty much out of this world :-).

Veronica said...

Thats awesome. I love those times that people you love the most do things that will make ya laugh at times and wish you had a camera.