Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Public Transportation

It takes me one hour to drive from my house to BYU. This doesn't really matter, since I don't go there all that often, but sometimes I do.

If I were to use public transportation to get to BYU, it would take me two hours. But I'd be saving gas, and I could allegedly accomplish some work on the train and bus (I say allegedly because I more often end up staring out the window at the mountains and clouds instead).

So which, then, is more cost effective (environmental issues aside)?

Assume the price of gas is $3.75.

Assume my car gets 30 mpg.

Assume I live 45 miles from BYU.

A drive to BYU would cost me $5.625.

I have no idea how to figure out what a ride to BYU costs me, besides one hour (I have a bus pass).

Which would I rather have: $5.625 or one hour?


elegyrl said...

I'd take the money... looking at the scenery is totally worth it! Besides that you have the $$ to buy food while you are away from home and cannot cook :)

J said...

I don't know but you should tell me the next time that you come.

unicorn girl said...

I think your time is worth more than $5.75 or whatever it was. The hour would be painful and I would probably sleep the whole time I was on the train. Just a thought.

Veronica said...

well, if your in town again let me know. My work and place that I live is right by BYU. maybe we can have lunch. Sorry, I am lame and haven't called ya.

ol' Bob said...

It's time for another slightly skewed comment.

If you want to become a fully committed user of public transportation, you need three things.
1. Develop lots of patience.
2. Try to ensure that anyplace you will ever need or want to go is close to a public transportation stop.
3. Cultivate several generous friends with cars.

I prefer owning a car and using it.