Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, Day 2: Gungan Soldier

No, it's not Jar-Jar, it's just a member of the Gungan militia: he's a Gungan soldier, also known as a militiagung (and I didn't make up that word).

Lego Star Wars Gungan soldier:

Star Wars Episode I Gungan Soldier:

I don't really have much to say about this guy, but he's my first Gungan minifig, so that's exciting. Only a few hundred more and I'll have my own militia!

More information about the militiagung can be found at Wookieepedia.
Lego parts information for this build may be found at Bricklink.


Ottawa@Home.Dad said...

My sons have me up at 7:30 AM (EST) to open up door #2 of the calendar.

Reading your daily blog entry is also a good reading exercise for my 7 year-old.

He was very proud yesterday to figure out that yesterday's item was the Gungan Sub.

It was an "aha" moment. Which were then able to confirm by reading your blog (as well as a Google image search.)

So, you say you're a children's writer. What are some titles you have written?

Also, latest entry is timestamped for 3AM EST. Did you really stay up until 1 AM to post?

Anyway. Enjoying your blog. Happy day 2 of Advent.

Betty Edit said...

Ha ha, no, I set my posts to publish automatically (although I do tend to stay up later than I should, as evidenced by this comment). :o)

I have no published works to my name, alas, though I did sell a story to a magazine once. I should probably update my profile: right now I am a library attendant, and am focusing on finishing up my MLIS degree to become a digital librarian. I do continue to write, however, and I have a number of works in progress (novels and picture books).

I'm glad you and your sons are enjoying my blog. Thanks for visiting!