Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, Day 22: Sith Infiltrator

Darth Maul's spacecraft, named the Scimitar, is a Sith Infiltrator. Interesting facts about the Sith Infiltrator:
  • has space for six passengers
  • contains a cloaking device which can render it invisible
  • contains six laser cannons
  • was designed by Raith Seinar, of Sienar Design Systems*, who would later create TIE fighters (note the similarity in wing shape)
Here's my favorite detail from Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections:

It reads, "Storage for poisons, deadly weapons, blades, and other devices of evil intent." I'm guessing that's the description that comes in the owner's manual, too. :o)

Lego Sith Infiltrator:

Episode I Sith Infiltrator:

See Wookieepedia for more inforation on the Sith Infiltrator.
See Bricklink for parts information for this build.

*The book Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections uses both the spelling "Seinar" and "Sienar".

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