Friday, December 14, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, Day 14: Weapons Depot

And now, some weapons for our minifigs! Bricklink calls today's build "General Grievous Weapons Depot," but I don't really see what General Grievous has to do with anything. Then again, Bricklink also displays the build differently than Lego shows on the calendar. So.

The weapons depot:

Maybe it's supposed to resemble this (kind of):

The depot contains two blasters and a lightsaber. The longer of the two blasters is a blaster rifle:

The shorter blaster is the E-11 blaster rifle, used primarily by Stormtroopers:

We'll let the Imperial officer and the Rebel trooper fight it out to decide who gets what.

And then there's this lonely little lightsaber. Whom do we know who could use such a weapon?

Maybe Santa could use a double-bladed lightsaber...

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Kyle Macleod said...
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Kyle Macleod said...

I liked last years weapons depot, it just looked better

SaCul said...

I really hope we get a General Grievous to go with this "General Grievous Weapons Depot"

Betty Edit said...

Last year's was definitely a cooler design. This one just kind of looks like a brick.

And yes, a General Grievous would be way cool!