Monday, December 10, 2012

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, Day 10: AT-AT Walker

This is my favorite build so far! Today we get an AT-AT walker, which you should pronounce as "A-T-A-T walker," not "at-at walker" (learned that from my guy friend at work, who told me that I could pronounce it "at-at walker" but then people would laugh at me).

AT-AT stands for All-Terrain Armored Transport.

Lego AT-AT walker:

So cute!

Episode V AT-AT walker:

The thing about AT-ATs is that they are just so darn adorable. They resemble little dogs, and, in fact, there are many artworks and t-shirt designs to that effect:

AT-AT walker as a dog drinking from toilet:

AT-AT walker as dog, being walked by Darth Vader:

Then there's the AT-AT Walker walker, which is how to use a walker in style:

So fun!

When I saw the ads for this year's Lego Star Wars advent calendar, the first thing I did was to create my own AT-AT walker from my spare Lego bricks. It's a great build, and instantly recognizable.

Now the only question is who would win in a battle, an AT-AT Walker, or a mumakil?

For more information about the AT-AT walker, see Wookieepedia.
For parts information for this build, see Bricklink.
For more information on the mumakil, see the LOTR wiki.


Victor said...

This is just to thank you for the reviews. I enjoy every day your posts as I enjoyed also last year advent calendar daily review.


Heather Dixon said...

You might like this at-at dog link: AT-AT Day Afternoon