Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stupid Questions

Some people say there's no such thing as a stupid question. I beg to differ. While I agree that what may sometimes seem like a stupid question is not necessarily always stupid, there really are those truly, genuinely, stupid questions out there in the world. Which is not to say that the asker of such a question is stupid; I just don't think they actually try to figure it out before asking.

Here are my favorite questions I have been asked while at work:

"How many scoops are on the double cone?"
(My answer: "Two. And one scoop on the single." WOW.)

"Are there brownies in your brownie nut fudge [ice cream]?"
(This is not actually as stupid as you might think, since there are some ice creams out there that just have a brownie flavor, and not brownie chunks; however, he indicated with his hand the correct vat of ice cream as he asked me, which ice cream clearly had several dark chunks in it--thus it was, in fact, a stupid question.)

"[These sheets] say 100% cotton. Do you have anything better, like 200 or 300?"
(I explained to her that 100% cotton was THE MOST amount of cotton you could have in a product. I was hoping she was mixing up percent cotton with thread count, but to this day I'm not actually sure...)

And, most recently:

As she showed her test to me, pointing to the top of the first page where it said "YOUR NAME" in front of a long blank line: "Am I supposed to write my name here?"
(...Did you really make it to college?)

And heck, now that we know I deal with tests, I may as well add one more. Sometimes teachers give two part tests. The first part is multiple choice, and the second part is write-on. The multiple choice part involves a bubble sheet, which we run through the bubble sheet scanner; the resulting scores are then posted on a screen in the hall. The second part, obviously, must be collected by the teacher, read, and graded. It really cracks me up when a student hands me the test and watches as I run the bubble sheet through. Then they kind of look nervously at the write-on part and say, "Will that show up out there too?"

Um... no. We don't have any mini ninja teachers to grade the tests in ten seconds flat. Sorry. You'll have to wait for your teacher.

Man, I love people.

Anyone else have any great stupid question experiences?


schmath said...

Those are the funniest stupid questions ever! I agree that there are stupid questions, although I can't think of any of the top of my head.

elegyrl said...

I totally know I've been asked a ton of stupid questions... but with the migraine going again tonight I cannot think of any! In fact I probably shouldn't even be on the computer I'm sure it isn't helping! But I was looking for free or really cheap bookshelves! I really need to re-do some stuff in my room!

J said...

I LOVE this! This is HILARIOUS!