Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celebrate Normality!

Every year Disneyland has a theme or "slogan," if you will. Last year it was "The year of a million dreams." This year Disneyland is endorsing mediocrity. Their slogan is "Celebrate Everyday."

From the OED:

everyday, n. and a.

3. To be met with every day; common, ordinary. Of persons and their attributes: Commonplace, mediocre, inferior.

If the slogan were "Celebrate Every Day," I might be inclined to approve. But it's not. I received a postcard from Elegyrl with this disappointing slogan on it, and more can be found online:

Celebrate Everyday fastpass holder

Alas, Mr. Incredible was right.

Hurray! You're average! Let's go to Disneyland!


Kathleen said...

It must be time for me to go to Disneyland again. They're finally celebrating me. And I've never been normal; just ordinary.

elegyrl said...

What is wrong with being normal? I mean gosh Renee everyone is doing it....

Betty Edit said...

Both those comments made me laugh.

ol' Bob said...

My inclination is to believe that the advertising geniuses in the Kingdom of the World's Wealthiest Mouse thought their slogan means the same thing as "Celebrate Every Day." The underlying ignorance remains inexcusable but not inexplicable.