Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today for Earth Day I:

1. Went shopping and used my Disneyland bag instead of the grocery bags.

2. Took the train to work.

3. Walked to catch my train one stop later than I normally do, and got off one stop earlier than I normally do, in order to get more exercise and enjoy the beautiful nature of springtime.

4. Used a reusable water bottle instead of a cheap bottled water.

5. Bought a screen kit so I can open my window and enjoy the lovely weather without entertaining small critters as house guests.

Uh... I guess that's it. And some of those are things I do on a regular basis, too, so it wasn't particularly for Earth Day that I did them. But oh well. Happy Earth day anyway!


elegyrl said...

I used Disneyland shopping bags today too! Except I don't know if you caught that or not but mine was plural.... bagS :) I am planning to order some more disney reusable bags soon from disney shopping that are made with recycled materials and for every one made they also planted a new tree somewhere! How cool is that?? Maybe I'll buy extras and send some to you... although they don't fold up into a tiny bag to carry in your purse :-P
We also turned off all the lights for a minute at 9pm because according to Christian people everywhere were suipposed to be doing it.... I also turned off my fan and t.v. just to really make a difference... :) anyway happy earth day to you too!

ol' Bob said...
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ol' Bob said...

Let me try this again with adequate proofreading.

On the occasion of Earth Day the Disney Stores offered to give a commemorative and reusable plastic water bottle (with a graphic of the world's wealthiest mouse as shown in the picture in the paper) in exchange for three empty single-use plastic water bottles. Alas, the Disney Store has left the Oaks Mall. We figured it wasn't worth driving 15 or 20 miles to make the exchange despite the obvious benefit of acquiring another Disney collectible item.

I'll refrain from other comments on Earth Day.