Monday, April 27, 2009

Hymnal Communication

Last week, the choir director asked me if I could accompany him for a "special musical number." I agreed, and he said, "I'll have the music to you by Monday."

By Wednesday I still had no music, so I called him up and asked what was going on. He said that someone else was doing a musical number--a male sextet--but that the choir would still be performing for the closing hymn. Great, less work for me!

Saturday the chorister called me and gave me the hymns for Sacrament meeting: 3, 185, and 124. You'll notice there are three hymns there. Apparently she didn't know the choir was singing the closing hymn.

It got even better when I got to church, however. When I looked at the program, not only were those three hymns listed, but an intermediate hymn was listed as well. Fun times.

I put up the numbers for three hymns on the wooden hymn display (I don't normally put up the numbers, but the other choir was there, and they were doing a piece with two organists, so I couldn't seat myself at the organ and glare impatiently at the choir conductor). After the choir had left and I'd started playing prelude music, a fellow (I have no idea who he was) asked me, "Did you see that there's an intermediate hymn?"

"Isn't there supposed to be a special musical number?" I asked.

"Uh," he said.

"And the choir's singing the closing hymn too."

"I don't know anything about that." He turned to a member of the bishopric who had just come onto the stand. "Brother Hodge-podge, do you know anything about a special musical number and the choir doing the closing hymn?"

"Yeah," Brother Hodge-podge said. "There's going to be a special musical number, and the choir is singing the closing hymn. Why, what does it say on the program?"

Ha ha ha. I love how well we all communicate with each other. But at least none of it's my fault; I just show up and play.


Oriana said...

Ah, as someone who puts together the bulletin every week, I understand your confusion. I sit anxiously in my chair every week as the announcements are read, wondering if I managed to assemble the right information. Usually I get pieces from the bishopric that don't always match what is on the ward calendar or what other leaders have given me. The email is sent around 9pm (or midnight, like this week), so I can't really call and double-check. I even get phone call updates 30 minutes before church starts, sometimes.

Just keep playing and remember that it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things anyway. :-)

Rachel May said...

I personally like the informal calling trees. We sent out emails saying that FHE was canceled, then five people called my roommate, asking if FHE was canceled. I'm just glad my name isn't on the announcements.