Monday, April 20, 2009


Stories I wanted to add to the last post, but didn't:

1. Acoustics convention.

I went to an acoustics convention once, and it was one of the most fascinating things ever. I had no idea what half the stuff they were talking about meant, but I understood the music part of it, and I understood most of the dolphin lecture (one lady did her presentation on water in a dolphin's ear, or something like that), and I understood other random parts that made me impressed with myself for understanding. Perhaps someday there will be hope for me.

2. Biology with Queen Tuffet

Several months ago I was going through some old papers, and I found a note from Queen Tuffet, which she'd written when we were in college. Apparently we'd had some sort of argument, and she was making up her half in the note. It kind of killed me, though, because in one part of the note it said something like, "It really would be helpful though if you tried a little harder to not fall asleep in biology. That way I wouldn't have to come home and reteach you everything." That is great. I love that note. It's so true. I was falling asleep all the time in that class. It was a nice big room, no lights, a glowing screen up front, quiet...

3. A week of blogs for Olive

I think not yesterday, but the Saturday before that, or maybe it was Friday, Olive told me I should write one blog entry every day for a week. I said ok. But then on Thursday I just sort of forgot, and the rest of the week I was really busy (I actually cleaned the house! Woohoo!), so I didn't make it.

That had nothing to do with physics, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Sorry, Olive. I came close, I guess. :o)

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Kathleen said...

We love reading your blogs, but I'll bet you're enjoying your clean house even more.