Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dating Physics

I don't know how many of you know this, but the way I passed my physics class in high school was by learning to play the bagpipes. Yes, the bagpipes.

I am not a science person. Something in my brain just doesn't quite click with that area. This is not to say that I don't like science, I just have not such an aptitude for it. I waited until Queen Tuffet came up to college to take biology, just so she could help me pass it. That's how overwhelmed I get.

Thus in high school I learned to play the bagpipes. This was great because a)not only are the bagpipes cool, b)not only did Schmath's sister play the bagpipes (and Schmath's sister is just as cool as Schmath is, so you know that's pretty cool), but c)the physics teacher was the head of the bagpipe-playing group. Happy day. That (and some notes from my friend who was in the class the year before) was what got me through high school physics.

Since then, however, there's been a strange connection trying to emerge to reunite me with the subject.

I went on a date last night. That is really quite shocking news, I know, but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, right? Then at church today the girl I visit teach said she had someone she wanted to set me up with, and that's when I recognized the strange connection: she wants to set me up with a fellow who is a physics masters student at the U.

Remember that time in college when I went out with that composer?--except it turned out we were never actually dating, apparently, but that's a different story. Well, he was a physics major, and was thinking of getting a masters degree.

Then after we never broke up (because we were never going out) he set me up with Chess, who was a physics masters student, and I dated him for a bit.

The guy I went out with last night is not a physics masters student. He is a materials engineer, which involves physics and chemistry. There was much talk of physics last night though. Well, not much talk, maybe, but talk.

And now someone wants to set me up with a physics masters student.

What is this strange connection? Why physics? I'm not saying it's a bad thing, not at all--I am quite impressed at people who excel in that field. I just think it's a curious coincidence.


Oriana said...

My personal theory is that a sort of theme runs through a person's dating life. The men hold the same types of jobs, have the same hobbies, similar life experiences, etc. Since you are so talented in writing, maybe you are dating scientific men to balance things out. How fun!

Kim said...


schmath said...

Someone thinks I'm cool! You're too nice. You should have hung out in the Science building when you were in school. I bet you'd have been mega-popular with the menfolk. It'd be like Elimidate with tons of guys trying to win you over. I think you should go back and just hang out there-work on your book, drink orange juice, see what happens, then write a book about it. Or make a reality TV show out of it.