Saturday, April 11, 2009

Musical Trax

I ride Trax to and from work sometimes, which can get pretty interesting, especially since I ride late at night. But that is beside the point to this post.

When the train pulls into and out of the station, it has bells that ding to warn people to get out of the way. Normally when the bells sound, I don't pay too much attention. I mean, I stay out of the way and all, but it's just warning tones, like a car honking or an elevator dinging. The other day, however, the bells were ringing in a rhythmical pattern: two against three.

Huh, I thought, That sounds like two against three.

I listened for a moment to see if it would stay that way, or if they'd fall out of synch, but they stayed in time.

It's a little thing really, and how many people notice the bells dinging in time with each other? But it made me smile.

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ol' Bob said...

For those whose musical experience is strictly passive, what is the significance of two against three?