Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Maximize Your Vote

I have a friend who works at Endeavor Hall, which is a fantastic charter school in West Valley, UT. The reason they are fantastic is that they put a special emphasis on writing. I am a writer, so it will come as no surprise that I find this subject vitally important to a child's education (and to the future of the nation--because, you know, once spelling and grammar and diction go out the window, there's no hope for the world).

Endeavor Hall is currently trying to raise money for a digital storytelling lab, which will give the kids all sorts of hands-on experience, not only with writing, but with software, technology, media, and digital publishing skills which will provide a productive creative outlet as well as a springboard for the students' future careers. As a budding digital librarian, I can attest to the fact that all such computer and information visualization skills will truly benefit each child in any and every field of study into which he or she may venture.

The point: you should vote for Endeavor Hall.

You can vote twice per day (once online, once by texting), through December 19th.
  • Vote online here.
  • Vote by texting 2286pbf to 95248.
And now, to make it even easier to vote: get an app to vote for you!

At least for the texting, there's an app for that. Using an SMS scheduling app, all you have to do is set up the text once and the app will send it every day. You can vote by text daily without doing a thing!
  • For Android users, you can use SMS Scheduler or whatever other app you choose. I use SMS Scheduler all the time, especially to remember people's birthdays, or when it's too late to actually text someone but I think of something I have to tell them. It's a great app, and it's free. Trust me, you want it.
  • For Apple users, you can use TexTpressIt for your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. This app is not free, but it's only $2.99, and there's no charge for sending texts once you've purchased the app (other Apple apps do charge for sending, even after you buy the app). You will use this app for many things besides voting. You will be glad you bought it. Really. Buy it.
Probably there is some way to write some sort of computer code to do the online voting for you as well, but I'm not that smart yet, so for now just keep voting online manually each day.


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