Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How Long Have You Lived In Utah?

Last night when I went outside after FHE, I was amazed that there was still snow on the ground. I don't know why I was amazed--after all, it snowed all weekend--but for some reason, seeing snow, and seeing large amounts of snow (or at least larger than usual) is still a moment of wonder for me.

Another woman who was also leaving at that time was witness to my exclamation of "Hey, the snow's still here!" and she said, "Of course it's still here. Where else would it go?"

"Oh, I don't know," I said. "I'm from California, and it's still just incredible to me whenever I see real snow."

"How long have you been in Utah?" she asked.

"Since '99," I admitted.

"Since when?"

" '99. 1999."


"I got here last Thursday," she said.


I decided I need a better answer for when people ask how long I've lived in Utah. I did start school here in 1999, but I've only lived here off and on since then. There have been periods when I've lived in California, and Pennsylvania, and (briefly) Michigan, and then there were the months I just toured around with a performing ensemble. So it's not like I've lived here for 13 years straight.

This evening I made a list of everywhere I've lived, and for how long. I added up all the time I've lived in Utah, and it comes out to a little over 10 years (and only 4 of those years in Salt Lake). That's still a long time, but it's not as long as 13 years (and it doesn't make me sound quite as dated as saying 1999...).

The next time someone asks me how long I've been in Utah, I will say, "Oh, about ten years or so." And that will be the truth.

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