Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things you can do on a train ride to San Diego

1. Read.

2. Sleep.

3. Write.

4. Eat.

5. Call people to remind them that they are at work and you are not.

6. Stare out the window at the ocean and prepare yourself mentally to spend a lot of quality time with a 3-year-old.

7. Variations on the above.

Things you shouldn't do:

1. Put a vase of daffodils in your backpack.  Or, if you do (because they do look very pretty), don't bend over when you pick up your bag, because then the vase will spill down your back and into your backpack and make everything (including Beethoven) wet.


ol' Bob said...

I'm very sorry on behalf of the entire collection of forces that compelled you to put a vase of daffodils in your backpack, mi hijita.

schmath said...

Did you really do that? It's so poetic.