Sunday, March 30, 2008

Exposed organs

I am not an organist, although Mighty Amazing Rock-climbing Trombone Organ Lawyer Lady once gave me a crash course in organomics. I can usually fake it by pretending the organ is a piano and flipping on the bass coupler (which is a cheap fix, I know, but what's a girl to do?), but the organ in my current chapel has no bass coupler.

Thus today I attempted to play one of the hymns with the use of the pedals. Of course I made mistakes, but overall it wasn't too bad, as I only used three notes. It did raise some questions for me, however:

1. Are you still supposed to play the bass in the left hand on the manual at the same time you're using the pedals?

2. Do you play every note in the bass, or do you ignore passing tones and neighboring tones and the like?

3. Has anyone invented a way to see your feet without looking down? Like a little video camera or something--that might help...

A quote about the organ stops by Mighty Amazing Rock-climbing Trombone Organ Lawyer Lady (no offense to my bassoon-playing friends): "It's called 'fagotto' for a reason."


elegyrl said...
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elegyrl said...
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elegyrl said...

OK so I left a comment and had a bunch of typo's in it.. so then I posted a "sorry for the typos comment" and then i realized I could just delete the comments so I did... but now it shows 2 comments by me that were then deleted.. so I hope I just ended any curiosity about them... SO um as my comment once said: I (as you know) don't know anything about playing the piano (yet.. but a great friend is going to be teaching me a few things) and so I definataly fdon't know the least about playing the organ... and therefore am unable to answer your questions. But I do know from my perspective it sounded great and I personally didn't notice any mistakes!

Grant said...

Wow you are so smart! Nothing you said in that last blog makes sense... Wayyy over my low head. But when I was in the bishopric I came to appreciate ANY organ player (exposed or not). Ask me an electrical question.

schmath said...

So are you the ward organist?

I'm no organist, but I took a couple of classes back in the day. I think you are not supposed to play the bass notes with your left hand if you are playing them in the pedals, although I don't think it could hurt, considering all the doubling that is going on anyways.

I also think you are supposed to play the passing tones, but seriously, who is going to notice either way.

ol' Bob said...

As if I could offer an opinion about playing the organ... However, I was wondering if we could now start calling your organic mentor Martoll (or maybe Marctoll).

Betty Edit said...

Elegyrl, you make me laugh. Thanks. :o)

Grant: see tomorrow's post

Schmath: I'm just the sub, actually. I thought you were a professional organist--after all, you took the class, didn't you?

Bob: Martoll is an interesting name, but I think I rather like the sound of Mighty Amazing Rock-climbing Trombone Organ Lawyer Lady better, even if it takes forever to type. Maybe I'll use Martoll. Who knows.