Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The only bad thing about visiting Utah

The only bad thing about visiting Utah is that I remember how much more I love Utah than California. And yes, I really did just admit that I love Utah more than California.

I'm not sure, however, whether I love the mountains better than the ocean or not, because each time I see one I think it is better than the other, when really I just love them both very much. The same goes for the clouds and sunsets--in California I see the sunsets and think, "Wow, that is spectacular! You don't see that in Utah." But then I get to Utah and see the sunsets and think, "Oh my goodness, that is way better than any I saw in California." I have also said the same thing about sunsets in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Europe. I suppose I should conclude that I simply enjoy nature, and leave it at that.

But I still like Utah better.


ol' Bob said...

Utah has better ice cream.

schmath said...

So are you in Utah then? It's been a nasty winter. You're lucky you don't live here. It was all nice this week, and then today it snowed! It's really obnoxious.

Kim said...

Welcome home, Renee! I saw you on TV last night.

Betty Edit said...

Schmath: I'm back in CA now. It was a too-short trip.

Kim: I'm assuming you saw me on the BYU channel. That always surprises me when people say, "Hey, I saw you on tv!" Weird.