Monday, March 10, 2008

Post the First

Here is what my planner normally looks like at the start of the week:

Here is what my planner normally looks like by the end of the week:

It never looked quite that sloppy before my mission. I take that to mean that I am now a more thoroughly planned and productive person.

Comparisons as to how frequently I adhere to my planned schedule or backup schedule will not be made.


Renee said...

Why don't you use a digital planner? Then you wouldn't look like such a mess.

Olive said...

This one is lovely:

But I prefer the nonlinear quality of pen on paper.


Olive said...

Hey, Betty!

I just wanted to say that I found this great blog by HarperCollins' editors (check out Editor Margaret Miller's post--it's great):
I met Editor Miller last year.

Well, I had better stop procrastinating doing whatever it is that I have to do by searching for blogs of interest.



Olive said...

Sorry for all of the posts, Betty.
I just noticed that that web address didn't quite work. Let me try again:

(I put it in two lines--maybe that will work?)

Okay, that's it.


renee michelle said...



renee michelle said...

Wikipedia blog