Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life Philosophies: Chocolate

Chocolate is an essential part of life, and there is nothing in this world that cannot be greatly improved by its addition. However, chocolate comes in varying degrees of quality, and the addition of cheap chocolate to your life may not always result in a happy ending.

In this most abundant season of cheap nasty holiday chocolates, I would like to encourage everyone to buy some seriously indulgent chocolate and note the difference. If you normally buy Hersheys, buy Cadbury (yes, I know that Cadbury is made by Hersheys in the United States). If you are used to buying Cadbury, buy Ghirardelli. If you are accustomed to buying Ghirardelli, buy Lindt. And if you buy Lindt on a regular basis you are to be commended, but I still encourage you to stretch further.

If you seek yet more excitement, try sharing the happiness by mailing chocolate to your friends. While this idea may not result in your receiving any chocolate in like manner, it will result in the pleasure that comes from knowing that you have sent an unexpected and appreciated package. Such surprise packages more often than not produce from the recipient smiles and notes that say, "How did you know? You made my entire day."


schmath said...

You're home! And you have a blog! I'm so excited!

Ruth said...

I LOVE chocolate!