Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harry Potter

I can remember when the fourth Harry Potter book came out, Mother Edit asked me if I wanted to go with her to Barnes and Noble at midnight. I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

"Harry Potter?" I asked with contempt. "Heck no. I don't read Harry Potter."

I'd noticed that some wild fanaticism had begun to sweep the nation, and I, not liking to blindly follow the crowd, had no intention of being swept up with it. I was, however, curious (it is a weakness I have), though I would never admit it. I would not become one of those Harry Potter nuts. But deep down I knew I didn't want to read Harry Potter because I would probably love it.

Later that same year, I went to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my friend in Las Vegas. Her brother happened to have the books, and I picked up the first one to read just a little bit to see how it was. I started the first page with a critical eye, expecting to be appalled at just how horrible the writing was, just how plot-driven and empty the novel was, and just how ridiculous everyone was being about the books. But within pages, my critical eye had disappeared, and my imagination had taken over. I was lost. It was over. Harry Potter had won the battle before I even got to chapter two.

The next day I read the second book. The day after that, the third. Then there was a mad dash to every bookstore in Las Vegas in an attempt to find the fourth book, which my friend's little brother had loaned to a friend (how could he?). Luckily I found it, and devoured it as I had the last three.

Thus began my love of Harry Potter.

I still love Harry Potter. In rereading the books, I find myself getting absorbed, just like I did the first time (and no, this is not my first rereading--if you knew the extent of my love of Harry Potter you would probably call me a freak, which actually has happened before, so I'm kind of used to it). My critical eye is present during these readings, and I do edit a little here and there as I go, but honestly, I like her writing. The books are gripping. They are fantastic. Is she a perfect writer? Oh, heck no. But who is?

And now you know my secret: I love Harry Potter.

I think I may share some of my Harry Potter-related exploits. Those might make for some fun reading.


ol' Bob said...

"And now you know my secret: I love Harry Potter."

I wasn't aware that was a secret.

Yes, please share.

Betty Edit said...

Ok, so it wasn't a secret.

That's really an... interesting drawing of you. I don't think it really looks like you at all, just so you know.

ol' Bob said...

Close enough. It's a signed original, you know.