Friday, January 23, 2009


Have you ever been somewhere quiet, like in a full testing center, and realized, "Hey, I could yell really loud right now"? I have no idea why anyone would do such a thing, but the impulse is there all the same.

The urge to yell strikes me most frequently during prayers in church (terrible, I know--is this some sort of spiritual deficiency on my part?), during concerts, and, occasionally, during movies. In fact, when I was watching Harry Potter 4 for the first time, I had to stop myself from yelling, "Don't do it, Frank!" at the beginning. It was a midnight showing, and I wasn't sure if the audience would laugh or be annoyed, so I just kept silent.

On the other hand, I do tend to bust out the opera singing in parking garages and parking lots late at night, and I like to make fun noises down hallways and chambers that have a good echo. I suppose that will have to suffice for allowable distruptions for now.


ol' Bob said...

>I like to make fun noises down hallways and chambers that have a good echo.

The acoustics of cathedrals does good things for choral music and chants. (Is "acoustics" singular or plural?) Have you tried waxing operatic in a cathedral?

elegyrl said...

You are too cute!! But at least your thoughts are mostly sane and nice to some degree... unlike my thoughts to blow the ambulance airhorn at people or "chirp" the siren suddenly at them (especially in front of the blind school at the bus stop) I think i am way worse than you!! :)

Betty Edit said...

Bob, I've never wanted to get kicked out of a cathedral, so no, I haven't waxed operatic, though I have made some smaller noises.

Elegyrl, I'm just as bad, since I think those would be hilarious.