Thursday, January 8, 2009

25 Things I Am Grateful For Today

1. Friends
2. Cell phones
3. Snow
4. Cinnamon rolls, especially the kind with walnuts and raisins in them
5. Roommates who give me cinnamon rolls (should that come before #4?)
6. My job
7. The Gospel (ok, these are not in order)
8. Band-aids and Neosporin
9. Crazy socks
10. Brothers who give me crazy socks
11. Brothers who write me thank-you notes
12. Sisters who write me emails
13. My car
14. My bed
15. Sunshine
16. Winter
17. Sunshine in winter
18. Milk to go with cinnamon rolls
19. TRAX
20. Happiness
21. Choices
22. Freedom
23. Faith
24. Time
25. Life


Oriana said...

Excellent list! Were they Tree Hugger's cinnamon rolls? They have serious baking talent in that family. :-)

elegyrl said...

I;m thankful for you! Especially your sense of humor! I loved the bifocal and denture comment you left on my blog! It really put a smile on my face which i've needed.... I don't want to cry anymore!

Betty Edit said...

Oriana, they were Tree Hugger's aunt's rolls, and I agree about their baking talents--aside from all their other millions of talents.

Elegyrl, don't cry anymore. It'll get little water sploplets on your bifocals. ;o)