Friday, May 30, 2008

Experience at the Grocery Store

As I was checking out yesterday:

Checker: "Would you like to donate to x---- cancer?" (He either said "prostate" or "breast", I'm not sure which.)

Me: "Not today, thanks." (so I like to know where my money's going and so I don't like being solicited--so sue me.)

(transaction continues)

Me (smiling weakly): "Besides, shouldn't we be donating to the eradication of cancer instead of to the cancer itself?"

Thankfully he pretended I was amusing and agreed.

Somebody slap me.


Katya said...

I think it's funny.

Of course, I was talking to my boss about getting a student worker started on a project involving Maine towns and I unintentionally said "I think we should get her feet wet with Bath." :D

elegyrl said...

That's a great story! I am glad you shared! I enjoyed it! When I worked at Albertson's I always enjoyed it when people would say fun stuff like that! It makes the day go by better and a little faster!

Betty Edit said...

Katya: :o) That made me laugh.

Elegyrl, I'm glad you were able to enjoy customers' jokes. I think either I must be a jerk, or the customers at BBB just didn't know how to tell jokes that were actually funny, because I always had to force a laugh. You're so much better than me.