Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beethoven in Perspective

For the past couple months I've been teaching Elegyrl (that's ele-gyrl, not elegy-rl) to play the piano. I realized the very first lesson that I've never taught anyone to play the piano before, and I pretty much stink at it, but she's a patient student.

Elegyrl and I went to the music store to buy a beginning piano book, and while there I picked up a book of Chopin's Nocturnes. I wonder if they thought it odd for someone to be buying a beginner book and Chopin together, but oh well...

Suddenly, three against four doesn't seem all so bad. How do you do ten against three? Eleven against three? I've never played ten notes in one beat at all, let alone playing them against three in the left hand. We just don't get that crazy on the horn. Well, we do, but it's different.

But Chopin is fun. It sounds mildly terrible, and it goes probably fifty times slower than it's supposed to, but I like Chopin, and I like pretending I'm good enough to play Chopin.


elegyrl said...

You are an AMAZING teacher! I think that you are the patient one having to work with me as your student! I think you are doing a superb job and I feel bad that you have often had to give me more time to work with certain songs! I feel like I'm the inadequate one here! :)

schmath said...

11 against 3? That sounds like torture.