Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elegyrl the EMT

Today I went in an ambulance for the first time. I also had four electrodes stuck on me so I could watch my heart rate on a machine, and afterwards I received a printout to show that my heart had been beating.

There are certain perks to having a friend who is an EMT, even aside from knowing that if I'm ever suffocating or choking or bleeding, she will know what to do. Elegyrl showed me all around her work, which I found exciting: I was grateful for the opportunity to see an ambulance without the necessity of doing so.

I'm not a medical person. Seeing my own blood does not particularly bother me, but I don't like to see others in pain, no matter how small. In fact, I don't even like to talk about it. When people get together and start in on those one-upping injury stories, I find it best for me to either change the subject or excuse myself. Perhaps it's because of my over-vivid imagination. At any rate, I have a great respect for people who can perform such duties as those required of an EMT, paramedic, doctor, surgeon, etc., and an even greater respect for those who enjoy it.

Elegyrl saves lives. How awesome is that?

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elegyrl said...

I feel so priviledged to be the topic of your latest blog! Thanks so much again for coming with me today and for always being so uplifting! You are an inspiration to me! I love my job and it isn't always about saving lives... sometimes I am just an expensive taxi service, and sometimes they don't make it out alive :( but it's incredibly rewarding when they do! As with anything my job has it's ups and downs. Like I said sometimes I am awake for the first 39hours of a 48 hour shift, sometimes I run 11 calls in a 12 hour shift in the pouring down rain. Sometimes (this is the hard part) I sleep all day or read or watch tv! :) But I do love it and I am glad I got to show you around and patch you up! Welcome to my rythems!