Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I try to have patience in all things, but when I hear men complaining about shaving, I find my patience waning thin. I always want to say to the guy, "Look, have you ever tried being a woman? Do you know how little surface area the face and neck cover when compared to the armpits, legs, and 'bikini' area typically expected to be hair-free on the American female? And not only that, but there are quite a few women who shave their face too. And this is on a regular, if not daily, basis. So quit your whining and shave!"

I've yet to actually say this to anyone, and now that I've written a blog about it maybe I can let it rest for good, but I am sorely tempted at times.

I also have opinions on nylons and neckties (I'd take a necktie and suit over nylons anyday, even in the middle of the summer in Philadelphia), but now that I've mentioned those too, I need not say any more.


Oriana said...

Brava! I totally agree! Men can also not shave for days and they are called "sexy". Women who don't shave for days are looked at with disgust or called granolas. If we don't shave, it limits our choices in clothing, too. Who dares to wear shorts with hairy legs?

ol' Bob said...

A few generations ago my mission president repeated (a lot) his admonition that a civilized man either shaves every day or grows a beard. I accept that policy.

As for the situation of the modern female, I sympathize, and I count it one more reason why I'm glad to have that Y chromosome. Life is so much simpler.

elegyrl said...

The worst is haviung knee problems and having to try and remember to shave for all my doctors appointments and injections and MRI's and stuff... UGH! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I wrote a blog about this once. Men shave, splash on a little aftershave lotion and brush their teeth. Women, on the other hand have a list of too many things to count and then he has the nerve to say, "Why can't you ever be on time?"

Veronica said...

Ditto to what Lynne said...only I haven't writen a blog about it, and yet I am now kinda tempted to, only thing is I know it will be short and to the point...nah...forget about it.. But its true guys have it nice.