Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Costume

I'm not dressing up this year at all. I don't really have any costumes with me (they're all in a box in the garage in California), and I don't really have anything to dress up for, either.



elegyrl said...

Whatever! I totally gave you a great idea~! The witch hat is only $1.00 at Wal Mart! :)

Olive Kite said...

If you merged the idea from your last post with elegyrl's idea here, then you could transform yourself into a skunk who cackles.

ol' Bob said...

The image conjured up by olive kite's idea just won't go away.


Veronica said...

elegyrl, would that be the sand-witch thing that your talking about?

I'm not dressing up either. I'm so happy to not have too.

Betty Edit said...

elegyrl... Well, let's just say I'm thinking about it.

olive... Let's just say I'm thinking about that too.

But not very hard.


They are both fun to think about though.