Thursday, October 23, 2008

Olive Is More Blue... Or More Yellow?

Here is a fun game I recently played, which was made up and administered by Olive (who sometimes has different ideas about colors):

1. Take a box of crayons (the smaller the box, the easier the game--we used 24). Take out the red, blue and yellow crayons. These are the primary colors. Now place each other crayon with the primary color to which it matches most closely. For example, orange-red is a combination of yellow and red, but most likely has more red in it than yellow, thus it gets placed with red. We excluded black and white.

2. Once everyone is done sorting, compare with the other players to see which colors you all had in common. Everyone chose blue for green? Great! If not, set aside every color which is disputed ("Magenta has more red." "No, I see more blue.").

3. In order to discover the true primary value for the disputed crayons, draw on a paper a red blob, a yellow blob, and a blue blob. Then, color a small blob of each disputed color next to the two primary blobs that are in question. For example, color a little bit of magenta next to both the red and blue blobs.

4. Decide which primary color the disputed crayon is most like. If you were right, you get a point. If you were wrong, you don't (and this does require a compromise if you still can't decide).

This is the point at which the game could end. But not if you're Olive, who has more creativity in her earlobe than most people have in their entire brain.

5. "Now," Olive says, "make a picture" of the paper with the color blobs on it. There is a 5-minute time limit.

6. When you are done, pass the paper to the left. Each person then describes whatever was drawn on the paper they are holding.

7. Pass your paper back. "On the back of your picture," Olive says, "write a letter to someone you know.

"In crayon.

"Using every color."

8. Finally, address the envelope in crayon as well. I had to write really big to make it neat enough for the post office.

9. Mail the letters.

And that's the game.

The next day I suggested we play a game. We played Boggle.


elegyrl said...

I particularly liked Olive's game.... especially since I was the recipient of an amazing crayon picture and letter! It was the highlight of my week! :)

Olive Kite said...

Which colors was I off on in this unscientific study/activity? I can't remember. I do know that I was in the minority (a minority of one) on some of my color choices.

Olive Kite said...

You never responded to my idea for your Halloween costume. I thought it was pretty great.

I'm not into dressing up. I do like answering the door, though, and handing out the treats.

Betty Edit said...

I can't really remember which colors we disagreed on. I remember there was a green one that you put with red, but we put with blue. Maybe some of the browns/oranges we had different opinions on too. Maybe you are a tetrachromat.

I would like answering the door if I were home, but I most likely won't be. Oh well.