Sunday, June 8, 2008

Visiting Teaching: June 2008

Week 1: Received no news elucidating my status as a visiting teacher.

Week 2: Finally received my new assignment in writing.

End of Week 2: Going out of town for five weeks. I'll be home for two days in the middle of those five weeks, but both of those days are already busy.

This will be interesting.


schmath said...

That's nice that you try to do your visiting teaching. I was so sporadic, they took away my assignments. Unless they didn't, in which case I have been slacking for 6 months.

J said...

Oooh where are you going out of town? Does it involve coming into our town?

Olive Kite said...

Never in my whole life have I gone out of town for five weeks--not in a year, not within two months, not ever.

I think it sounds splendid. Just as long as you're in good company.


Sail said...

3.5 days.

Betty Edit said...

Schmath, schmath, schmath... you are funny.

As a matter of fact, j, I am coming to UTAH. I feel like I should just tell people my address and visiting hours... that would be a lot easier than me rushing all over the Salt Lake Valley to see people. But oh well. I'll love it, I'm sure. I'm visiting from the 21st to 24th (I'm there earlier, but I want to focus on the conference).

Olive, actually it's only four weeks, but I say five because it's five Saturdays. It's quite wonderful either way. You should take a vacation.

Oh, and I will be in exceptional company.

Sail: Technically, 76 hours.

Not that I'm counting. :o)

Olive Kite said...

Well, I am going on "vacation" next week and it's a whopping 40 miles away from where I live. Does that count? But I will be working much of the time? Is a vacation something where you escape real life?

Betty Edit said...

Olive, that does not count as a vacation. A vacation is someplace AWAY from your normal work and responsibilities. Not necessarily escaping real life, but perhaps escaping the duties of your regular life.

Come to California. That would be a vacation.