Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's good to hang out with people who win stuff, because then sometimes their luck rubs off on you. For example, when you are with Elegyrl at Disneyland, and are wearing a button that says it is your birthday, cool things may just happen to you:

You may be given a free fan with which to fan yourself when the day gets hotter.

You may be given a free bag of tortillas at the tortilla factory.

You may be given a free dream fast pass to get you through the short line of all the big rides.

You may get to sit in a really good seat during the Aladdin show.

You may just get a huge surprise that is a visit to Medieval Times that same evening.

I hadn't been to Medieval Times in about fifteen years. If I remember correctly, it was pretty much the same food and the same show, but after that long amount of time you see things differently. Sitting on the first row you also see things differently. I mostly wish the music had been more Medieval, since I can excuse the staged fighting (this is, after all, a show), but authentic music may have made the experience largely unpleasant to most of the population. Everything else though--including the flag in the soup and the sad cake affair--was quite enjoyable.

I don't know where Elegyrl gets her luck from. Maybe it's just her eternal enthusiasm and optimistic slant. I don't know. Whatever it is, she always makes me smile. Thanks, Elegyrl!

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elegyrl said...

I am glad you had fun and it was my pleasure to share it with you and to do it for you! You deserved it! I don't think my luck had anything to do with all the amazing things that seemed to be happening to us at DIsneyland but I do agree it was one of the greatest days we have had there yet! But there are more to come! Its too bad we had to leave early except at the same time I am glad we did because M. Times was so much fun too! The only thing that couldve made it better is if our knight wouldve given you a rose or the ribbon thing! Happy Birthday again! I hope it was your best 27th bday you will ever have!