Friday, June 6, 2008

Recent Thoughts

-Although I don't have any particular affinity for berries, I do enjoy picking them.

-What is the purpose of rabbits? They're not cuddly like cats, they're not outgoing like dogs, they don't make funny noises, you can't ride them, they don't lay eggs... They're just soft and look cute.

-As I was pulling up bits of grass and weeds from a patch of dirt, I noticed how many little critters I had upset: several tiny caterpillars, a spider, other bitty things running around frantically for cover. Makes me agree with what Olive said.

-If I had three sons named Cyaxares, Oxford, and Xavier, I could call them Ax, Ox, and Ex for short. Father Edit said if I did that, people would think I was strange, but considering people already think I'm strange, and considering they would think I was strange just for naming my sons Cyaxares, Oxford and Xavier in the first place, I'm not too worried.

-I can climb a pole! My gecko-like charge (for one week) climbed the pole with ease, and when I asked if she thought I could do it she said no, because only very light and skinny little 9-year old girls could do it. So of course I tried it, despite the fact that I am three times her age and nearly three times her weight, and I did it. Huzzah!

-Why the preponderance of stickers commemorating dead people? I'm all for memorial services and respecting the dead, but stickers on people's cars--those ones that have an arched line across the top stating, "In Loving Memory" and then the name of the deceased underneath and then the years of earth life under that--tattoos, and I even saw some actual stickers stuck on stop signs--these I do not support. I mean, what is the purpose? For those who don't know the deceased, we can read the dates and calculate the age and figure out if we're still lucky to be alive, or maybe we are supposed to feel sad and have a moment of silence for someone we didn't know? Who knows...

-And call me heartless, but the small roadside memorials of stuffed animals and paper hearts and all that sort of thing... well, at some point, it's going to have to go away. I mean, sometimes it has to be done because it helps a community to heal (think 9/11), but if you want to publicly remember someone, why not engrave a plaque or something similar? Or better yet, send a letter or go visit the grieving family.

-Spending time in the sun makes me tired.

-I need to somehow obtain a garden (but not this year): I can't really tell the difference between the vegetables and the weeds.

-I can't really tell the difference between blackberries and boysenberries either.

-I like getting my hair cut.


ol' Bob said...

-What is the purpose of rabbits?

Well, they taste good when cooked properly.

ol' Bob said...

As for names, how do you think Isaiah's son felt about going through life called Maher-shalal-hash-baz?

Olive Kite said...

Random notes on rabbit "products":

My angora (rabbit wool/fiber) socks may look nice and warm, but they are itchy. (Definitely not recommended.)

I can eat lamb (in Greek gyros), but the thought of eating a bunny isn't all that appetizing.

Apparently rabbit was the mystery ingredient on Iron Chef, but I only glimpsed a few seconds of it. All kind of rabbits were stacked on a table. (You can watch the dishes get judged on YouTube.

A comment from one of the judges: "I'm only prepared because I've read both the works of Beatrix Potter and Watership Down."

So, I guess that's the main purpose of bunnies / rabbits, to inspire literature and cute illustrations.

Olive Kite said...

Container gardening is great. All it requires is a large pot (well, and some soil and a few plants).

What would you most like to grow? My favorite is tomatoes. I love walking outside and picking the cherry tomatoes or the small pear-shaped yellow tomatoes and popping them in my mouth. I also think a fresh cucumber beats a grocery store cucumber by a mile.

I'm not fond of fresh green beans (canned are better, plus they are too hard to pick).

Olive Kite said...


Take a look at this:


elegyrl said...

I like eating berries... I haven't had much experience in picking them though. I think rabbits are cute and cuddly...and without them who would bring us all that candy at Easter time...the second most important thing about that day.... I think gardening is fun, thought I have never done much of it myself.... I think your haircut looks way cute! Feel free to name your kids anything you would like, so what if they hate you for years to come? Whatever! :) I can't remember your other thoughts off the top of my head... but I am glad you shared :)

elegyrl said...

ok so I re-read... The memorial stickers on cars, and stuffed animal stuff at accident sites. I think for some people it is a way to let go and "say goodbye" to their loved ones... they must not know about Temples :) I also think some people do it to show others how dangerous some certain turns and stuff in the road can be when you drive carelessly or drunk or whatever the case may be! Mostly though probably a way to say goodbye. I think its great that you can climb a pole, I know I probably couldn't! Maybe its because I am bigger, older and weigh more than you. So the pole is perfect for 9-26 year olds :)

Sail said...

Why not post a picture of the hair cut?

Betty Edit said...

Olive: I also have socks that contain rabbit fur. They're itchy too.

Sail: A picture of the haircut would mean a picture of my head, so no. Besides, you're going to see it soon enough anyway.

But here's a description: it's short. In fact, it's kind of like it was for my sister's wedding, but not spiked. Can you see it now?

Sail said...

So you don't have any hair?

Sail said...

At the mall, they have these booths with fake hair. You can add ponytails or buns or flowing curls. Whatever you like!

Betty Edit said...

I would add some cinnamon buns or maybe pecan buns.

Sail said...

or some hot cross buns. One on each side of your head.

Betty Edit said...

Like Princess Leia!