Saturday, June 21, 2008

Highlights (not the magazine)

The conference is over. Alas. I like conferences. Here were some of my favorite parts of the past week (though not all were part of the conference):

-Winning second place in the first-page contest. You had to turn in your best first page of a novel as your entry, and then the two editors and one agent judged them. I got a free book as a prize, and the particular book they gave me is actually oddly perfect for my needs.

-Judging the impromptu writing contest entries.

-Meeting with an agent, who was very positive and encouraging about my manuscript.

-The full-moon ski lift ride.

-Laughing over ridiculous manuscripts, then realizing that we'd probably laugh over published books just the same.

-Art night.

-Music night.

-Being invited into the Inner Sanctum for lunch.

-Watching a master artist sculpt her cheesecake at the banquet.

-A co-authored poem about salt.

-Passing notes during the break-out sessions.

-A noisy walk, which I'm sure helped us in our efforts to chat conversationally at the dinner that night.

-Chinese checkers and other such follies.

-The cathedral.

-The British shop.

-The chocolate factory.

-Walking around downtown.

-Throwing things at Olive.

Ah, what a wonderful week.


elegyrl said...

I am glad you had such a great time at the conference! You didnt tell me about the 2nd place winning! You are awesome! Congrats! I am glad that you found an agent and I hope it all works out well! I cannot wait until you publish your book so that I can finally read it! Have fun for the next few days visiting and hanging out! See you soon!

schmath said...

I didn't know you wrote a book! You are amazing. What kind of book is it? I'm dying to read it now.

Olive Kite said...

A couple of things that I heard the agent say:

- Betty's pacing is excellent

- Betty is an original thinker

Olive Kite said...


I've read portions of the book, and it's fantastic. It's a good vs. evil story that takes place in a music conservatory. You'll definitely have to read it!


ol' Bob said...

The English shop? Is that the little side street place that we visited before the MTC where you filled one suitcase with chocolate?

Congratulations on your favorable reviews and positive experiences.

You are definitely original.

schmath said...

Ooo, a music conservatory. I bet I will love it. I'm imagining Harry Potter, only a musician instead of a magician. Kindof like Dennis.

Betty Edit said...

ARGH, this is why I don't like to talk about me on this thing.

I did not find an agent. I met with an agent. I do not have an agent. My novel is not finished.


The first-page competition was a little thing. It was not a huge big deal.

If the agent had said, "Send me this when you are done," or "I want to be your agent," it would have been a huge deal. If the editor had said, "This is the best first page I've ever read. Send it to me when you're done," then it would have been a huge deal.

It is not a big deal.

Bob, that's not where we went. We went to a place on 7th East in Salt Lake and it was so beautiful. Much better than the place in Pleasant Grove.

Schmath: Ha ha, Dennis. Yeah. I liked Dennis.

Olive Kite said...

But--and this is a huge deal--your novel was much better than all of the rest. And the agent had good things to say. And your first page was so good that it did win second place. And your novel will get finished, soon. And you will find a home for it. So, it is all a big deal. (I used my two favorite words--and and so--in this post, just SO you know.)

Betty Edit said...

Olive: whatever.

Olive Kite said...

You know I'm right. I was there.

Betty Edit said...

Be careful, Olive: I know where you sleep.


Olive Kite said...

I thought that threats were reserved for BAD things, not good things like, "Hey, Betty is fantastic! Hey, Betty made a good impression! Hey, Betty is super talented!"


That is all I am going to say, except for do re mi fa so . . .