Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Left-Foot Driving

Sometimes I get bored just driving with my right foot (I drive an automatic), especially while making the California-Utah drive. To switch things up, I like to give my right foot a rest and let my left foot take control of the gas and brake pedals.

Have you ever tried driving with your left foot? It's really interesting and also a bit awkward, as you have to kind of twist your body to be able to reach the pedals properly. After so many hours in the car, however, it's not always such a bad thing to change positions.

The first time I tried driving left-footed was while I was on a freeway, so it wasn't hard--I just had to maintain a constant speed. Driving in the city is more difficult, and my initial attempts resulted in lots of lurching and hard stops. I've gotten better now, so that my passengers (if I ever had any) might not even be able to tell the difference between my left-footed and right-footed driving.

The left-foot technique has also come in useful for more than just long road trips--it's especially great if you need to do up your shoes or put your socks on while you're driving: you don't have to rush to get your right shoe on before the light turns green, because you can just use your left foot for driving. Easy!

Has anyone else ever tried driving left-footed? I sometimes wonder if it's only me...

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elegyrl said...

I've tried but only briefly, as I tend to have the lurching method you described!