Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gardening Spiders

When I weed, I love watching the spiders scurry away across the dirt as I rip up their homes by the roots.

I do NOT love watching a large garden spider crawl up my shoulder towards my face. When that happens, I scream like a girl and go a little nuts until the spider is gone. It's rather embarrassing, because it's only a little spider, and I have no problems killing spiders in the house, and I actually kind of like spiders when they're in nature, and sometimes if they're teeny tiny I'll let them crawl on my hand, but put a big adult spider on me, and I freak out. Blech.

Hm. Now I've admitted to a weakness that could bring a bit of comical relief to others who witness it. None of you better get any wise ideas...

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