Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Back

Today as I was contemplating 2011, I realized that a lot of really good and surprising things have happened in the past year. In no particular order:

-I went to Hawaii for the first time.
-I went snorkeling for the first time.
-I went to ComicCon for the first time (I also rode Amtrak for what was probably the last time).
-I went to Legoland for the first time.
-I went to Disneyland for the millionth time (but the only time this year).
-I successfully completed my second year of grad school.
-I got my first smart phone.
-I bought my first desktop computer (I've only ever bought laptops before).
-I finally finished unpacking (from moving in September of 2010).
-I turned 30 and had the best birthday ever.
-I bought a bunch of Lego sets (see my post about not being addicted).
-With the help of a friend, I exercised during the spring and summer.
-I learned to use Adobe Dreamweaver.
-I went to my first library conference.
-I went to my first writing retreat.
-I went to the beach for the first time in years.
-I carved a pumpkin for the first time in years.
-I decorated my house for Christmas for the first time in years, since my Christmas decorations were finally with me, and not in a box in my parents' garage. ;o)
-I saw some really fantastic sunrises and sunsets.
-I got to spend a glorious Christmas with my family.

Most of those are things that I never would have predicted at the beginning of the year, and few of them had anything to do with the resolutions I made for 2011. I'm sure there are other wonderful and fantastic things which have happened too, which are not on this list.

I've made a few resolutions for 2012. Among other items on the list (the standard stuff about health, religion, and school) are these:

-Finish writing my novel.
-Create a personal website.
-Dictate and digitize my family songbook.
-Clean off my desk.
-Go to bed earlier (ha ha ha).
-Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.
-Figure out the best way to store my Lego sets.

I'm kind of free with my resolutions--I like to change them as the year progresses, and revise them as needed, so we'll see what I've actually accomplished when the year comes to a close.


Heather Dixon said...

lol @ the amtrack comment

Amy Art Quilter & Fyber Cafe said...

I love Atlas Shrugged, I've even read it a couple of times. Very deep, but a great story line and characters you care about. Amy from Oregon