Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Not Addicted. I Can Stop Whenever I Want.

I do NOT own every set ever made. I just started in 2010.

Can you find Voldy in this picture?

This shot is a little closer to help you out:

This is what he looks like (but I moved him, so this isn't where he is in the above pictures):

Here's Harry playing quidditch:

Harry dressed up for the Yule Ball, and Dumbledore:

The trio in Diagon Alley (that's Mr. Ollivander on the right):

Teachers* (Flitwick, Snape, Hagrid, Dumbledore):

Luna is riding the Hogwarts Express:

Hermione is reading the newspaper on the train:

Draco got stuck pushing the food cart (ha ha):

What on earth? How did Sensei Wu get in there?

Crazy Bellatrix! (and Fenrir Grayback)

And of course (part of) the Weasley family:

Just because I pre-ordered two of the three new sets already does not mean I'm obsessed. I just happen to like Harry Potter. And Legos. And Harry Potter Legos.

*Some of the characters, including Snape, came with a cape/cloak, but the papery cloak things annoy me, so I took them off. Only Voldemort gets to keep his on.


Heather Dixon said...

This is so awesome.

I can't find voldy. But then, I'm looking at it via my phone.

The dementors are AWESOME!!

ol' Bob said...

Wu has to be there, or the whole thing would be senseiless.