Monday, May 9, 2011

Excerpt Week!

Woohoo! In honor of my finishing another semester of grad school (I'm halfway through now!), I am going to publish a post every day this week and share with you an interesting excerpt from something I've read recently (or not so recently).

To start off, here is an online review my coworkers found for a car seat (can't remember from which retailer). We read this review aloud to each other multiple times because it amused us so.

It was a gift! I thought was all are same so I decided keep it, Wrong Mistake. In the beginning , I like it because it is light weight and the car seat is ok BUT my complaint is that first my son is so big for car seat, so it's no worthy, but the stroller is a piece of junk because won't turn and the wheels all lock up. Exactly like the other lady is describing. My husband put some oil expecting to see an improvement in that...And no, just suddenly it get locked. My son is not SAFETY, and the important thing is always reclined the baby cannot sit up (stroller) It's true: DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND get an expensive brand. Remember is the safety your little baby, and always you will use.

I bolded the parts that made us laugh the hardest. :o)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting excerpt!

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Heather Dixon said...

I is happy not about this review!!! It is be MINE and the stroller didn't WORK even!!