Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anya and the Sticky Trap

One morning, I woke up to Anya zooming from one end of the house to the other. She does this not infrequently, so I slept through it for a while, but some part of my subconscious realized she was making more noise than normal. I got out of bed and plopped down a can of food to settle her down. My eyes still weren't all the way open, but as I leaned down to pet her, I discovered why she'd been running around so much: she had a sticky trap stuck to her tail.

I'd bought these traps and placed them around the house, in what I thought were cat-proof places, but I guess I was wrong. Thankfully, the trap wasn't too difficult to cut off, or rather, the fur on her tail wasn't difficult to cut off to free the trap. I'm just glad it hadn't gotten stuck on one of her paws or her face or something.

The other sticky traps were thrown away later that day.

I can't believe she got that whole big thing stuck on her tail. No wonder her galloping was so noisy.

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