Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, Day 8: Zev Senesca

Day 8 Minifig's identification is a little tricky. For some reason, lists Day 8 Minifig as Dack Ralter (alternately spelled Dak Ralter--not sure which is right). However, compared to all the other non-advent-calendar minifigs Lego has produced, the Day 8 Minifig looks most like Zev Senesca. Here are two pages from an awesome book called Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (Amazon page) to compare the two (convenient that Zev and Dak are on the same spread, eh?):

The only difference between Day 8 Minifig and Zev Senesca is that Day 8 Minifig only gets a plain white helmet--no cool markings. Thus I conclude that Day 8 Minifig is Zev Senesca with a bleached-out helmet.

Zev Senesca was the pilot who, during Episode V, located Luke and Han after they spent a frigid night outside the rebel base on Hoth. Zev died not long thereafter, during the battle with the Empire forces.

Zev Senesca:

Lego Zev Senesca:

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Anonymous said...

I used the same book to find Zev. Nice little guide.