Monday, December 19, 2011

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, Day 19: TIE Pilot

Today's build is a TIE pilot. You probably never would have guessed, but TIE pilots fly TIE fighters. Crazy, huh? ;o) You can see TIE pilots in each of the movies in the original Star Wars trilogy.

One interesting thing I learned from Wookieepedia is that TIE pilots didn't normally carry survival equipment or emergency rations with them, because in the event they crashed, it wasn't very likely they'd survive anyway.

The photo on Wookieepedia of an actual TIE pilot (see below) looks kind of insectoid to me, but the advent calendar minifig looks cute (as usual). I gave my TIE pilot one of the blaster guns from the weapons stand, even though TIE pilots didn't often carry firearms.

TIE Pilot:

Lego TIE Pilot:

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