Friday, October 22, 2010


This is my fridge:

Actually, it's not my fridge, but it's the fridge that came with my house. Note how there is only enough room in this fridge for two gallons of milk. Yes, two gallons. I go through two gallons of milk in a matter of days, so this is a problem. No matter how I've re-arranged (or removed) the wire racks, however, the fridge still only fits two gallons. Until last week.

The door of my fridge is a little bit ridiculous in that it has this can-holder built into it:

I don't even drink stuff out of cans, generally speaking. And I certainly can't remember the last time I ever bought a canned drink. I was really annoyed that my door had so much wasted space, until I got the grand idea to remove the wiring for the can holder. Once I had done so, guess what I discovered? I could fit another whole gallon of milk in there! Observe:

Yes, it does stick out a little:

And yes, I do have to be careful as I open the door to make sure it doesn't fall out:

But hey, overall I think it's a pretty good solution! Now I can fit THREE gallons of milk in my refrigerator, and only go to the store once or maybe twice a week, instead of every other day.


Heather Dixon said...

Hahaha. Awesome. I love the step-by-step showing of how it fits. I'd've never thought of taking out the can thing.

ol' Bob said...

This is my fridge.

This is my fridge with milk.

Any questions?

Ctina said...

Geez! And I thought I went through a lot of milk! Sorry about your stupid fridge. Been there - still kind of am. The fridge we have now has a couple of unexplainable pieces and some wasted space that I could really use. We should invent the perfect fridge.