Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Digs: 13 Things

I don't live with Tree-Hugger anymore. :o( BUT, there are good things about the new place I live. Here are 13 of them.

1. I'm in the same ward.

2. My room can be really dark, so it's great for sleeping in.

3. I'm not in the basement. I wasn't in the basement before, either, but I just really hate basements, so I consider this a good thing.

4. There's room for both my big bookcases, as well as my three smaller ones.

5. My new place looks kind of cute inside. If you don't look closely.

6. My house looks cute from the outside, too.

7. The hardwood floors look nice*.

8. The hot water is just the right temperature, and comes out after just a few seconds of running the water.

9. I got to pick out the window treatments!**

10. Once I get all my boxes from Mother and Father Edit's garage, I'll have all my own kitchen stuff again! I haven't seen my kitchen stuff in over 3 years. Boy, I've missed it. How can one miss measuring cups and mixing bowls, you ask? Hey, they're really nice measuring cups and mixing bowls!

11. I have adequate closet and storage space, which is nice.

12. My house is architecturally interesting.

13. There are a lot of electrical outlets.

Bonus 14, because it's mixed: I don't have wireless (no wireless = problem for online student), so I've bought a device which allows me to access the Internet via the 3G network. It basically turns my laptop into a big phone, so I can get an Internet connection wherever I can get phone service. Woohoo!



*When they're swept. Remember how Anya is carpet-colored? Yeah, well, I no longer have a carpet, and carpet-colored whitish-tannish hairs really show up against a lovely dark hardwood floor.

**I honestly wouldn't be so excited about this if I hadn't been the drapery specialist at BB&B. But I was, so I am.

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