Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surprise Flowers

Last night I found a vase of flowers in my room, but not the kind you're thinking of.

The history:

Sometimes when I am in bed I feel like my mattress is too close to the wall. Rather than getting out of bed and moving it, however, I just put my hands on the wall and push. Normally this makes the mattress move.

When I tried this tactic sometime last year, it unfortunately didn't work. I made my hands into fists, placed them on the wall, and pushed... and made a hole in the wall. Some wall, I know.

The wall sat like that, kind of caved in at that spot, until last night, when I looked at it closer, and noticed something through the cracks. I peeled away the cheap wall chips like an eggshell, and found this underneath:

Cool, huh? It's nice to know that at some point my room had a personality beyond these ugly white walls. I love that there is a secret hidden behind them. It's also nice to know that if my landlord does an inspection I can cover it up with my pillow.

At some point, I'll need to buy a repair kit and fix that up, but for now, I'm going to leave it. For now, it makes me happy to think of it.

1 comment:

elegyrl said...

That's kind of exciting! Maybe you should peel back all of it and there will be a whole mural or something. Than you won't need to cover it with a pillow you can just tell the landlord you renovated a little! :)