Monday, February 2, 2009

Red Hands and Yellow Lights

Flashing red hands do not mean, "hurry up and run across the street."

Yellow lights do not mean, "Speed up so you can get through the intersection."

I learned these things when I was 5. Did anyone else?

Ok, I'm done venting. Thanks for listening.

Wait, no I'm not:

Non-flashing red hands do not mean, "walk across the street any time you want irregardless of how many cars there are."

Stop signs and red lights do not mean, "Look to make sure no cars are coming and if it's ok you can roll through and if it's not you can go out really far and edge your way into traffic."

Ok, I think I'm really done this time.

The end.


Oriana said...

Ummmm, I think they do in Utah. It looks like you've noticed. :-) On my way home from work today, I slowed down for the yellow light, since I had at least 4 car lengths to stop. The SUV in the lane next to me, sped up so that the light turned red at least a car length before they made it through the intersection. A good rule to follow is to wait for everyone to run the red lights before venturing forward on a green one.

ol' Bob said...

But I'm more important than you are, so I shouldn't need to wait. Not even if the light is red.


elegyrl said...

Wait are you talking about me? I run red lights all the time.... well actually not since June but that's beside the point! Oh and I guess it helps to have the falshing lights and loud siren... although with those we still are required to stop first...

elegyrl said...

**flashing** lights

Betty Edit said...

Yeah, this is why I try to take Trax whenever I can. It's much better for my stress levels.

LW said...

Irregardless isn't a word!! But I love you all the same! I'm actually really, really surprised ol'Bob didn't say something...he's the family policeman over grammar, text, subtext, punctuation, etc...

Betty Edit said...

I beg to differ:


And besides, even if it weren't a word, I'm a writer. I make up words.