Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Harry Potter: Wands

As I am a Harry Potter nut (some would say freak), I do own several wands for those times when I dress up and need such a prop. I even made some nifty wand holsters out of drapery tie-backs (it was quite ingenius of me, if I may say so) so that I can wear my wand from my belt as you would a sword, since my robe doesn't have a wand pocket.

Here are the different wands I have:

1. Book-specific Harry wand

The first wand I bought was from an independent seller online. It is 11 inches and made of holly, exactly like the wand Harry uses as described in the book. When I got it, it seemed a little stubby, so I measured it. It really is 11", it just turns out that 11" is quite a stubby wand in my opinion.

2. My personal wand.

I bought my second wand from Alivan's, a quality wand-crafting company. I would recommend that store to anyone looking for good Harry Potter products. At any rate, I got a wand that looked something like this one, though not exactly--they've stopped making the exact model I have. It is made of ebony, however, and is about 15 inches long. It's the most beautiful wand in the world.

3. Movie-specific Harry wand

My third wand was purchased at Phoenix Wands, which now has an actual store location in Santa Monica. The store itself is quite fun, as it is made to look like Diagon Alley, with a bunch of different little rooms pretending to be separate stores. The wands are beautiful, and you can buy a beautiful wood case to keep it in, too. I bought this wand, which is made to look like Harry's from the earlier movies. This is the wand I use when I pretend I'm actually Harry, rather than Betty the Ravenclaw (which I only do in cases of extremely short hair). I also use it when I can't find my personal wand because it's in a box in the garage in California.

4. Toy wand

My fourth wand was given to me by my nephew D. He's such a sweetie, though I guess I shouldn't say that now, as he's almost a teenager. Sigh. At any rate, his stepdad handmade it. It's big, about 20 inches, thick, and unfinished, and I love it. I've never actually worn it to a book or movie opening, but I do love it.

I suppose having all these wands means that I collect them. I do sometimes look at them online.

I should buy one from the Noble Collection to see how they compare. Hermione's wand would be cool, or Sirius's. It doesn't actually say what they're made of, though, so I'm not sure if they're wood. Sure are pretty, though.


Oriana said...

What a great item to collect! I think you need both Hermione's and Syrius' wands. I didn't realize they made such things.

ol' Bob said...

They have to cheat on the core of the wands, though, because of such things as a shortage of phoenix feathers.

elegyrl said...

My friend and her ex husband *who she is getting back with I guess now) actually collect a ton of HP stuff! THey have actual replica's of a lot of the character wands as well as models of the school and the quidditch pitch and much more! I always thought it was pretty cool. Just the other night as I was watching Goblet of Fire I was looking at a paper thing that came with the DVD of some stuff you could buy and was particularly looking at the wand replicas they had. It did make me think of you! I hadn't even been online to have read this blog by then! I am really starting to doubt my abilities in the HP Scene It game against you!